Saturday, April 12, 2008

Married with Kids

So, I'm working full time, going to graduate school, my husband's in grad school, and we have 3 kids all under the age of 10. Now, as you can figure, my spare time is ZERO. But for all of you busy mom's I have found a little nugget to share that may help some with being all things to everyone in your home. I don't remember how I ending up doing this, but it is definitely a great idea. I took one of my daughter's favorite storybooks and recorded myself reading it. When she wants me to read her a story and she sees me busy, she'll just go get her portable cd player w/headphones and listen to me read her story. I plan on recording several more, but I know you can buy books on tape. However, nothing beats mommy reading the story! My daughter absolutely loves it!

All you need is a cheap microphone to plug into your computer and you can record it on any music player that you use. I happened to use the media software that came with my Creative Zen player. I did a cd, but you could do a cassette if that's easier for you. It was so worth my time.

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