Saturday, April 12, 2008

Good Stuff

Okay, so I am seriously a beauty product junkie. So much so that, when I run out of any type of facial product all I have to do is pull another from my cabinet. That's what happened a few days ago. I ran out of my liquid eye makeup remover. I decided to bust out these cleansing cloths that I had bought on clearance from Tarjay. OMG....those cloths are the bombay. I used it on my whole face and was amazed at how clean my face felt. Some removers leave kind of like a film on your face, but this one cleaned like soap and water. It was so refreshing. It has a smooth side and an exfoliating side. The product is Pond's Exfoliating Clean Sweep-Cucumber Cleansing Towelettes. These things are a must for this summer, when you can't get to a sink but you want to clean your face. And for the gym? These things would be a lifesaver for when you plan on showering when you get home, but just want to clean your face. I got mine in a double pack for $3 on clearance. Check'em out if you get a chance!

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