Thursday, March 6, 2008


So, stuff is still crazy at work. Along with the hat.ers we have these passive-aggressive tendencies going on. (Katt Wms has another name for it) For instance, I printed something on a local printer accidently that should have been sent to the main printer. I get to work the next day and someone had written a note on the printout saying "this large document should have been sent to the main printer, it has used alot of our ink", without a signature. Ain't that a blip? You big and bad enough to try to get me told, but then you punk out and don't sign your name so I can get with you????? Don't be all mr. get bad and then want to be anonymous!!! Oh and then, I had someone to come to me "speaking on the behalf of others" to say that someone had a problem with my schedule. I told the spokesperson to tell "others" that if there was a problem with my schedule, what did they think the solution should be? The reply was, "oh, i'm just the messenger". People are so funny. You can best believe that when I'm being Ms. Get-Bad, I want you to know it's me doing it.

They betta be glad it ain't 1992 in this piece, I woulda been chin checkin' everyone up in my area. *shoving can of w.a. in pocket*

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