Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Office Bully

Today, I read an article about "office bullies". It was really something that I couldn't understand. They talked about the boss bullying subordinates, which I could kinda understand, since they could potentially fire you. But I really don't understand bullying in grown ups. *i hope it's not cause i'm the bully* Anywho, I can't see why as a grown up that you couldn't say whatever you needed to say to another grown up. I think some people may get bullied because they allow themselves to get bullied. Bullies usually prey on people that they know won't stand up to them. If they misjudge and step to someone who gets with them, they usually go find another target. Relating back to my previous post, everybody needs to say what they need to say to whoever they need to say it to. It doesn't have to be confrontational, just because you let someone know what's up. Actually, I would prefer a person to come to me and speak on it if they feel I have done something wrong or inappropriate. It cuts out the middle man and kills the gossip. What do you think?

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